The Play-loft Process

So, how does it all work? Where do you start? How much does it cost?

While we do offer some set priced play-lofts, we also offer a custom designed option. When a play-loft is specifically designed for a customer in their home, a lot of different factors are taken into consideration; such as children’s age ranges, different types of accessories, location of the room, if the play-loft will be against a wall or freestanding or in a corner. We work as much as possible within a customers budget, however typically a custom designed option would start at approximately $5000 plus GST and upwards. There is a one time consultation fee of $149 plus GST. This includes for one on-site client meeting to discuss designs, ideas and viewing the space, after which we follow up with discussions, as well as a detailed quote and 3D drawing. Once we have chatted about what you would like in a play-loft and your budget, we work on some ideas and draw up some designs. We work in partnership with you until you are happy with the final design and detailed quote. Once that has been agreed upon then we send you a contract and a 30% deposit is required and a date is agreed upon for the install.

Set Options


A 4ft x4ft Cedar play-loft with a scoop slide, inclined ladder and handrail system – $2495 plus GST


A 6ft x 4ft Cedar play-loft with scoop slide, inclined ladder and inclined climbing wall with a rope at the end. Designed to anchor along one wall along the long side – $3450 plus GST.


A 8ft x 4ft Cedar play-loft with an additional 2ft x 2ft slide platform with attached scoop slide. Also included is a 7ft high monkey bar system with an attached swing, and an inclined climbing wall with rope as well as an Inclined ladder – $4995 plus GST.


An 8ft x 4ft vertical climbing wall, installed against your existing wall – $895 plus GST (extra costs associated for fitting around vents or electrical outlets).

*Prices may vary depending on current lumbercrates and supplier

**Delivery outside the Calgary area is additional