Here at West Grove Custom Design we love to use Cedar. Why? Well there are a few reasons our lumber of choice is Cedar. Firstly, it has a lovely aromatic smell to it which is always pleasant to have in the home, it is also naturally resistant to all types of weather and insects. It has a lovely smooth finish which helps reduce the chance of splinters and is native to 🇨🇦 Canada.

Even though Cedar is a strong wood its surface has a softer feel to it, making it an ideal choice when creating something that children will use and interact with. It is also visually appealing. Like all wood it can dent and Cedar can be slightly more susceptible to this due to its “softer” surface.

Cedar also tends to crack at times in places as it is settling into its permanent position (as do most types of wood) and acclimatizing to the specific temperature and moisture content of your home. This doesn’t affect the structure or integrity of the build and is cosmetic in nature, and once the play-loft has had a few months to settle we do a one time follow up visit to fill and sand and inspect the play-loft.

Filled and sanded Cedar post example